Short review of Crusher Tank game

Crusher Tank differs to other tank games with its amazing gameplay and great graphic quality. The tank which you are moving on is really crusher, it crushes its opponents. You can read more details about this amazing game below.

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Little more about Crusher Tank

crusher tank

Have you heard of Crusher Tank game anywhere or before, this is a gift of 2016 that your kid cannot afford to miss. Surprise him, make him busy, and let him have full enjoyment all through. This new game is on top just move with speed and acquire it online. It is a great deal for 2016!

Why it is fun

As the name suggests crusher tank is designed with a special tank that crushes everything it finds on its way. This special tank does most of the things by itself; you are only required to control its speed, direction as well as its safety. And a time factor that it takes to complete a level.

How to ply crusher tank

Once you have this game on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop or desktop these are what you ought to do…

Major instructions

Begin by pressing the upward arrow keys to allow you move forward, and then press the downward arrow keys or the S keys to move back or stop. You can have your tank balanced by pressing the left keys or right arrow keys. Alternatively, you can as well lean your tank using the two keys mentioned earlier. Adjust the cannon by pressing z and x keys then simply hit the space bar to shoot. You can aim and shoot at switches in order to activate the bridges. Remember this tank knocks anything it gets on the way.

Keep in mind that you must shoot at excavations so that you evade damaging your tank. Try to reach at the end of every level before time you get caught pants down, otherwise the game will end with your tank receiving many damages from the ground fire.

This game is totally fun just go to tanktroublex.com website and download it, then start enjoying a new adventure immediately.