Short review of Battle City game

Battle City is one of the games released by the old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) video gaming console which can boast of launching quite a few interesting games to be enjoyed by individuals of all ages at the convenience of their own homes.

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Little more about Battle City

battle city

Battle City is basically a tank games genre and features the heavily armed military vehicles capable of firing canons. At first, you will start with a simple tank which fires at a slow pace. After that, collect every item which appears all of a sudden around the platform for upgrading your tank. You are going to observe a significant improvement in your tank’s performance where it fires the canon multiple times and moves at a quicker pace.

Not every item that you manage to acquire is for the purpose of up gradation but for magical effects. It is able to stop all movements of the enemy for a few seconds and you can freely hit them at will. One more magical item is an effect which makes your tank virtually invisible from enemy assaults. You will learn more about all these when you play Battle City.

Defeating the enemy units for upgrading your tank isn’t your priority. Your main objective will be to safeguard your base from getting demolished. If you do not succeed and your base is destroyed then the game will come to an end automatically even though you might have several lives left.

Battle City can be played by a couple of gamers and there are virtually hundreds of levels accessible that is impossible to accomplish in a single day. Anyway, it is the main reason why you are required to select an option in the settings. Consequently, if you wish to finish this game then opt to play the final stage.

The final stage isn’t easy as what you might have thought. It does involve tough rivals and it is impossible to finish the final level without the assistance of a second player. Therefore it is imperative to call your buddy to help you or anybody in your household to play with you.