How can you survive in Run 3?

Run 3It was about a decade ago when a game called Temple Run brought a brand new genre in mobile gaming. However, it was not an absolute pioneer. Three years prior to Temple Run’s release, a flash game – Run was leading charts on all gaming websites.

In spite of this, as the developers of Run saw a game that could steal the whole audience, they quickly released Run 2 and saved themselves. Unfortunately, the rivalry never cooled down because in 2013 Temple Run 2 appeared on the mobile app stores. The developers spent over a year to respond. Run 3 came out with brand new characters and significant improvements in gameplay. Now it really looked like an endless runner game because the devs removed the gap between levels where you had to confirm that you were ready to move on. They made the continuous path without any pauses and things like that. After finishing one level, you get on a no-hole zone where you can sigh with relief for a couple of seconds. The character does not stop there but keeps running to the next level.

Also, 8 new characters appeared in 3rd version: Lizard, Bunny, Child, Student, Gentleman, Angel, Pastafarian and Duplicator. All came with their unique abilities and what’s more, now you were able to change them during the gameplay without losing your progress. Some of them unlock after reaching a certain level, but many of them require power cells. Earn these cells by completing achievements or collecting them in Infinite Mode. This mode is a freshman, as well. By implementing it, the developers made the game really endless. Lastly, if you are too lazy to collect that many power cells, try out Run 3 unblocked. There you can use any character right from the beginning.

Main tips

Enough with the introduction and let’s get to the point. What should a player know in order to survive in Run 3? First of all, in case you have more than one character available, swap between them. Their abilities differ and you will find it easier to get through some levels with one character, while some of them can force you to change it. For example, Runner is slower and jumps at a smaller distance, but Skater is much harder to control. Find out what is each character capable of before buying one. If there is a level with big gaps between the platforms, you will need Child, Lizard, Student or Angel.

Secondly, avoid the tunnel vision effect. This is when you concentrate your sight on a certain thing and do not notice what is going on around it. Some players tend to focus on the runner and they eventually lose. It might be hard, at first, but after 5 minutes you will get used to it. By seeing the whole map, you will be able to make decisions earlier and avoid falling into the hole.

Thirdly, remember how the platforms are located and the way you get past them, so you know what changes to make in your tactics in case of a failure. Sometimes it is crucial to remember when to jump. Even a small inaccuracy can have serious consequences. You might jump higher or lose speed if you press the button too early or too late.

Do not stop experimenting

Insanity is one the words that can describe Run 3. At first, some jumps might seem impossible to make, but in the end, they turn out to be very effective. It is okay if you fail because there is not much to lose. You will continue from the same exact level. Thanks to its improved 3D design, it is easier to switch platform without jumping. The maps are drawn on all 360 degrees, so you can run sideways longer, compared to Run 2. Use this feature to get on the platform, which is bigger and convenient to jump from. Remember that more than one correct ways can exist at the same time. Find the best one for you and keep running.

Never give up

Each level can be passed somehow. The problem is whether you find a way of it or not. As I already mentioned, every single detail affects the gameplay. Jumping only a split second sooner or later may make your character miss the desired platform. If this happens to you, please do not worry. Just relax and avoid making the same mistake. Things will go better and the number of mistakes will come to zero.


In this article, we gave your very meaningful advice. Read them carefully and follow every single one because they will lead you to victory.