Short review of Learn To Fly 2 game

Learn to fly 2 is an improved version of Learn To Fly. In this game, the penguin has awoken and seeks to overcome the wall of ice that caused him to crash in the earlier game. This time though he is new and better equipped.

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Learn To Fly 2

The goal of Learn To Fly 2 game is simple and exciting. The penguin is to fly as high and as far as he can by bouncing off the water. In every attempt of flying, you are rewarded with cash which you can use to upgrade equipment. The more you buy these updates, the more your flying skills improve and the further you fly.

Customized game controls include left and right arrows for steering, space bar to use a boost, any key for activating special sleighs. These game controls can be adjusted in the options menu to fit your taste. You can even change the settings to use the mouse. The game is free, be ready to get hooked once you download it.