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Tank Trouble 3
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Short review of Tank Trouble 3 game

Tank trouble 3 expects you to time your shots carefully so that you can defeat your enemies. Moreover, it is a strategy game that enables you to play online against real persons as well as the Al known as Laika whose difficulty will always change based on your skill and modes from single mode, multiplayer mode, and triple mode. You can also hit the special weapon icon to get powerful weapons.


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Tank Trouble 3

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Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3 is an excellent online multiplayer tank game. It is a highly specialized arcade game with incredible aspects. The game is a new version of the Tank Trouble game series with new features. The new elements make the game much bigger and better than the previous version. This gives this latest gameplay a whole package of amazing characteristics which takes the game to a whole new level. When you play the game, you get the chance to experience the most volatile tank game online.

Tank Trouble 3 now comprises of highly enhanced animation features plus better leaderboard elements. This gives you an opportunity to display and utilize your different gaming skills. The game is a simple and exciting game to play with no limitations. The main focus of this game is to demolish other tanks that are in this game world. This way, when you play the game, you never have to worry about cut-off time or any restrictions. This makes it easier for both children and adults to play this game. This offers a fun and exciting moment for a family to catch up and spend some quality time.

The game consists of fresh fanatical challenges that enable you to demonstrate your ability in encountering any human and Al. This gives you an exceptional changing game world.

How to play Tank Trouble 3

Playing Tank Trouble is quite straightforward and interesting. You only need to learn a few controls and strategies, and then you are good to go.


tank trouble control keys The game offers you complete control over your game with simple keys to press. You need to direct your tank properly and shoot an enemy. You use the arrow keys on the keyboard to control your tank through the game world. When within the range of an enemy, you press M to shoot projectiles at them.

Strategies and tricks

tank trouble tricksYou should be able to move very fast to avoid being shot at by the enemy. When you get the best opportunity for shooting the opponent, you should aim carefully to avoid wasting your ammunition. A simple strategy of countering your enemy when playing the arcade game is shooting projectiles against the wall. These will bounce against one wall to the next one, giving you a bigger chance of defeating any human player or the Al. You should utilize bonuses by obtaining power-ups. Although it might take time before you reach power-ups, it is an added advantage to win the game.

All the above characteristics make Tank Trouble 3 a remarkable game you do not want to miss. Join this game world and have fun.

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