Short review of Tank Trouble 4 game

Tank Trouble 4 is freshest version of the tank trouble, where you can really enjoy of many improvements, such as great graphic quality and gameplay, there is ton of other surprises too. Just choose your preferable play mode and press start button :)

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Little more about Tank Trouble 4

Tank games with strong action are very fascinating though getting the fun from one that is online and free has been rare. Tank trouble 4 is the latest version of the tank trouble game that comes with new improvements that can allow up to 3 users to play the game at the same time. According to my opinion, this is one of the best tank action game that is free online as it does not require
any membership and registration procedures. The gameplay in this version is much enjoyable since it is well designed. The simplicity  in it is well-structured. This clearly shows how the developers were keen when fixing it.

Being a shooting game, all that is needed is the ability to shoot the enemy emerging from different directions. Your mission as the player is to destroy the enemy after which you are regarded as the winner. Coming out as the winner is made easier by the fact that there are different weapons from which players can get to choose. Trying all of them so as to determine which of them fits you well
would be a good decision.

Since there are various levels, guiding the tank well through the maze layout is required to make it through different challenges easily. This is the secret of winning and progressing well in the levels. The challenge and the maze layouts gets harder from one level to the other and at all times. You should avoid being shot at all cost as this turns to be the end of the game. You have no option rather than playing strategically, with great speed, concentration and agility. Practice is the best way of having all these skills after which making it through the levels becomes easy without getting any shot.

You can get to play Tank Trouble 4 alone, against one friend or against even two ones without facing any significant restrictions. Playing against friends is good as it is more interesting. When playing alone, the main challenge is an enemy with the name Laika. To win, Laika the enemy should be destroyed severally in different maps.

When getting to play with friends, the important thing is understanding the controls which are: Mouse(movement) for player 3 where it is clicked to shoot, arrow keys(movement) for player 2 where letter M is used for shooting and finally letters E,S,D and F(for movement) for player 1 where letter Q is used for shooting. Great coordination of the keys and shooting is required and this can be gained through practice.

Different icons appear on the map when playing and upgrades are achieved when the icons are reached. Maps that host three players differ from those of single players in size. Maps hosting more players are larger. Tanks come in different colors, the most common being green and blue for easy identification when playing against friends.

I consider Tank Trouble 4 to be very interesting. You should not hesitate as it will turn to be good for you too. The opportunity to play it is available freely through the internet. Good luck with the game.