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Short review of Run 3 game

In the Run 3 game, you have control of a small alien character who is running on a track in space. The concept of the game is to run and jump as fast as you can with the individual avoiding all potholes.

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Short review of Run 3

General overview

Run 3Run 3 is an online action mobile game created after the browser flash one by an army of independent professionals which you can play for free. The awesome mobile application suits all Android versions thus cutting edge above all other mobile game applications in the market as it has tags gravity, running and space.
The instructions for playing the game are quite easy and are described here as follows: – Use arrow keys or space-bar to run and jump while avoiding dangerous holes which may make you fall and loose direction. Run onto walls so that you may switch and balance your gravity. While on your way, you may skate, float and bounce through the space tunnels until you hit the game.
Features of the Run 3 – The game has breakable tiles as repairing is well catered for. Has exploded mode which enables you to run and jump through a spinning tunnel of networks. Has soundtrack which has stellar performance. So go to play store and download the game and have fun.


Explore Mode: You move through levels that have very carefully designed and is purposed for you to strive to the end of branching maze of several tracks. With every completion there is an addition or a new track.

Infinite Mode: This mode is centered mainly on getting as far as you can with the scores. The pattern levels advances in intricacy as you go to different levels.

Beautiful theme of galaxy and sky filled with an awesome interface.

Background music which breaks the monotony of silence.

Run 3 allows you creation and sharing of levels.