How can you survive in Run 3?

Run 3

It was about a decade ago when a game called Temple Run brought a brand new genre in mobile gaming. However, it was not an absolute pioneer. Three years prior to Temple Run’s release, a flash game – Run was leading charts on all gaming websites. In spite of this, as the developers of Run […]

Benefits of unblocked games


Introduction Do you know that over 40% of people suffer from long term and about 70% – from short-term stress? If you are not a doctor who specializes on this then my words should be something new for you. It is proven that stress causes a big variety of illnesses. As the pace of life […]

Tank Trouble Game

Have you ever wondered what it is that the military does out there? TankĀ TroubleĀ is an online flash game that will give you a glimpse at this. In particular it will help you get to know how war tanks are used out there. These are powerful weapons which can be quite exhilarating to operate. With this […]